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57 Meter

57 Meter

HR: 168'
JXRZ 57 518.png

The state of the art 57X achieves the utmost convenience, performance and durability.

50 Meter

50 Meter

HR: 149'3"

The 50-Meter 5-Section with X-Style outriggers gives you all the versatility you need in all types of commercial and industrial environments.

50 meter .png
47 Meter

47 Meter

HR: 135' 2"

Our 47 Meter allows pump owners to step fully into commercial and industrial jobs. 

47 meter.png
43 Meter

43 Meter

HR: 126' 4"

The ability to reach 43m combined with the versatility of a 5 section boom.

43 meter .png
38 Meter

38 Meter

HR: 108' 6"

Known for its ease of operation and ability to perform during routine concrete pumping projects (foundations, floors, etc.), this size allows you to handle both residential and commercial pours.

38 meter 4 .png
38 Meter

38 Meter Z

HR: 109' 11"
38 meter 5.png

38 Meter 5 section boom pump.  Extreme versatility.

33 Meter

33 Meter

HR: 93' 6"
33 meter .png

38 Meter 5 section boom pump.  Extreme versatility.

32 Meter

32 Meter

HR: 89' 10"
32 meter .png

Our 32 Meter ZZ Boom is a specialist in working inside existing structures, due to its low unfolding height. It also works well under bridge decks, power-lines or any other situation where the operator has to deal with overhead obstructions.

Line Pump

Line Pump

Line pump.png

The do it all machine, when you don't need a boom pump.


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